Raising your kids in Vancouver – Great outdoor places for babies 

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Vancouver in Canada is best known for its outdoor adventures and recreational activities. This city hosts great outdoor places for babies, that are both cheap and great fun.

Here are a list of six favorite things that you can do with your kid, in this city.


The Roundhouse in Yaletown

roundhousecommunitycentreThe Roundhouse is the local community center and includes an interesting little train museum. The community center is always bustling with activity, as families and kids throng here in huge numbers to socialize, play games, hit the gym or simply take shelter from the rain. The governing body of the center manages events for every day of the week, these events vary anything from musical dramas for kids, poster presentation and paintball shoots. The children’s gym is massive and numerous toys are there in the playing area to enthrall the kids.


Coal Harbour sea wall

Coal Harbour community center is lined by an amazing sea wall, where you can perch yourself with your kids and watch the sea planes move up and down on the horizon. The lush green space surrounding the sea wall serves as an ideal place for family picnics, and as a kids playground.


Vancouver Acquarium

4574054-Vancouver_Aquarium_VancouverVancouver Acquarium is totally worth its price, as the interiors are wondrous to look at, and there are a huge selection of aquatic animals cased within tall glass barriers. The entire session is very interactive and stroller-friendly. It is easy to reach, especially if you stay downtown. The place is perfect for a fun and learning and you can spend the whole day here with your kids.


Miniature train at Stanley Park

The Miniature train ride in the Stanley Park is a popular favorite among children as it is both fun and entertaining. The train is beautifully decorated like a toy train and the ride is super fun, especially if the festive season is close! The train lights and decorations during Christmas season are worth watching, although In this case, you might have to reserve train seats early on.


Granville Island

granvi7Although most tourists know Granville Island for food, the actual attraction of this place is the Aquabus, which is a short network of boats that take your family across the entire island, before finally depositing you at the falsecreak area. Apart from a children’s theatre, there is a massive play area for children, which includes indoor parks and outdoor parks. Plus you can listen to buskers and watch exotic bird species in the parks throughout the day. Granville Island is also famous for its taco fish counters, so if your kid has a taste for fish, this place is perfect for your baby’s day out!


Grouse Mountain

Be it summer or winter, you will always find Grouse Mountain brimming with kid activities. In winter it is ski hill and a skating rink, while in summer it is the playground of hikes or ziplines. This place is naturally very scenic and is perfect for family picnics.


So whether your child is cranky, always serious or forever mischievous, Vancouver will always have something in store to grab his interest. Every nook and corner of the city is teeming with children activity areas and great outdoor places for babies, which provide a gala time to families and their kids.



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